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Our mission is to EncourageEquip and Excite Parish and Youth Ministry workers from all denominations to call their young people back to the family of faith.

Our theme for this year is:

“Followers First”

In him we live and move and have our being

We long to see more and more young people in Ireland whose lives are being rooted in Jesus and moving freely from a place of security and belonging so that we can all experience their unique voice in the earth. And the reality is, it starts with us. If we want to see others experience life with Jesus at the centre, we need to be followers first. Momentum 2020 will explore practically how we can inspire, equip and excite young people to follow Jesus by first being followers ourselves.

Join us for Momentum 17-19 January 2020.

Speaker Announcement!

Ana and Seán Mullan

Ana is from Buenos Aires, Argentina but decided to move to Ireland in 1984 because her new husband was heading there! Seán is from Cork and followed his family roots into seafaring as a career. He and Ana met on the high seas aboard the mission ship mv Doulos. They then spent 25 years in church planting and church leadership, first in Cork and later in Dublin. For the past ten years they have founded and led a social enterprise in Dublin City Centre called Third Space. During that time Ana has trained as a spiritual director and has developed her skills as an artist working primarily in acrylics. Seán continues to work in the enterprise but also works in the areas of church planting and leadership care and development. They are privileged to be able to share their lives with three wonderful adult children, two marvellous daughters-in-law and two exquisite granddaughters.

Ana and Seán Mullan

Ana and Seán Mullan

Thanks to all who attended our event in January 2018

Thank you for an AMAZING WEEKEND!...I truly experienced the outpouring of the Holy Spirit like never before! The Lord recommissioned me, giving me what I lacked...He gifted me in every possible way! I could write a book on that lol.
— Parish Pastoral Worker

Prayer Appointments

During the weekend there will be an opportunity for you to sign up for an individual prayer appointment.

A prayer appointment is simply a time to hear from God through others. These appointments will be 15 minutes long and there will be prayer teams of two people who will aim to get a sense of what God would like to speak over you as an individual and also give you an opportunity to give prayer requests. Sign up for these slots will be upon arrival.


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