Mini-Mo in the Midlands

In January we all gathered in Ovoca Manor for the first Momentum gathering, where over 100 people came together to share and express their interest in youth ministry in Ireland. It was a very encouraging time, especially to see many denominations represented and wanting to journey together.

Momentum, by definition wasn’t the end of that journey, but a nudge to set something in motion, and out of that a “Mini-Mo” was established in the Midlands of Ireland. On 15th May, 12 of us gathered in the Upper Room (not meant to be cliché), a youth Drop-in Centre in Mullingar ran by the YFC Ireland team. Again, over coffee and introductions we were excited to see many denominations represented with the same heart; to learn, encourage and champion one another.

We used the imagery of flying a kite as a picture for where we were at in our ministry currently. Some running, working hard to get it off the ground and maybe tired, some holding on tight as the ministry continues to climb and thrive, perhaps others in a tangle, trying to work their way through a potential mess to freedom. It was clear to see that we’d all experienced each of these seasons and we were in need of a people to journey with. After a time in small groups discussing what we’d like to give and receive from a Mini-Mo, we had a time of feedback in the larger group.

We left the Upper Room and enjoyed our “First Supper” together in a local restaurant, where we spent time getting to know one another better. Since then, we’ve set a date for our next meeting and we’re planning to meet each term. The group has formed a great hub, where people can help one another, whether it’s advice or resource and feel part of something bigger, the family of God.

Simon Marriott & Emma Rothwell (Midlands Mini-Mo facilitators)