Some ideas for ice breakers and games


Ice-Breaker: The Hungry Hippo Game

Four Teams are set up in the four corners of the room. Each group will have a basket and a skate board. There will be lots of tiny balls in the middle of the room. Two team members will form a human wheelbarrow, they will crawl/roll on the skate boards into the centre of the room with the basket and fill it with as many balls as they can and then be pulled back to their corner to place in the a den, the next two members of the team will be ready to go and repeat the same exercise that is get as many balls as they can back to their corner. The team with as many balls in their corner wins.

You can check out a 'How to' video here...



Death Stare/ Screaming Toes

It sounds ominous… but it’s actually grand. Very simple game with no equipment needed. The participants form a circle. The idea is that everybody looks down at the ground and on a cue everybody looks up and stares at someone else. If two people make direct eye contact then those two people are both out.

Can be played with variations of reactions such as you must point to the person you look at or if you make eye contact with someone you must scream or make a weird noise etc. This adds an element of silliness and fun!

Last two people standing win.

Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 10.56.37.png

A Messy Game Idea

Cheeto Toss: Divide the students into groups of 4 peoples. Each team will play against each other. Every team will have a bag of cheese puffs, like a relay race each student will get five attempts of throwing cheese puffs to one of the groups head. On that persons head there will be a shower cap, covered with shaving foam, so the Cheese puffs will stick. The team with the most cheese puffs stuck to the shower cap wins.

Before they are rearrnaged

Before they are rearrnaged

How they should look after they have been rearranged.

How they should look after they have been rearranged.

Colour Puzzle

Similar to Sudoku. The colours must be rearranged so no 2 tile of the same colour can be in the in the same line, row or diagonal.
A sample solution has been provided.

The coloured tiles can be made from anything you wish from paper to painted blocks of wood etc… your imagination is the limit.

This is a great team building that can get frustrating and is harder than it looks. One for those who like a mental challenge. The challenge can and probably should be timed for more competition and pressure