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"Developing the leader within you 2.0" by author John Maxwell. If you enjoy reading and want to be challenged and encouraged in your leadership this book is a worth while read.

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"Your first two years in youth ministry" by Doug Fields is another great read. With helpful insight from not only Doug fields, but other youth leaders. He shares his struggles, insights and experiences. He keeps it real with examples and how it can have it's ups and downs, but it is encouraging. A great book to do as a team as it has questions and reflections at the end. The Alpha Youth team have used this for training and found it very useful.


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Tried and Tested Youth Games App

This was shared at Momentum 2018. It is an app that you can download for free to your phone. If you are ever stuck for a game this app is a lifesaver. It has different game categories such as icebreakers or team games etc. You just choose what you want for the purpose of your group and the game. It explains the game, equipment you need, age range and how many can play.  



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Leaders Lab - Hillsong

The aim of this resource is to equip & enable youth and young adult ministries as much as we can. It's not a free resource as it cost £9.99 a month, but you will have access to:

  • monthly small group notes
  • a monthly leadership session to share with your team
  • your ticket to Leaders Lab Conference 2019
  • One on one ‘ideas & solutions Skype sessions’ with our team
  • Network lunch with the Youth x Young Adult leaders.