The Momentum Collaborative

This unique youth focused initiative is an ecumenical collaboration between many youth focused faith based organisations with many years of experience engaging with young people. We have loads of resources to help you in your ministry.


Innovista ireland

Sam Moore and Anne Baenziger from Innovista Ireland both serve on the Momentum Team. One of their best resources that could be of benefit for you guys in youth ministry is 'RISE' which is a programme aiming to see communities flourishing through the positive contribution of young people.

Innovista achieves this by offering area focused leadership development for young people through their RISE leadership and mentoring programmes.


Dublin glendalough youth council

Dublin & Glendalough’s Youth Ministry Development Officer is Susie Keegan who serves with the Momentum Team. Susie focuses particularly on enabling young people to grow in their Christian faith within their local parish context.

Keep up with what Susie is doing and find out about the creative events that she organised through the DGYC's facebook page


Alpha ireland

Peter, Amanda, Dominic, Annette, Theresa and Shannen are all Alpha staff and all serve on the Momentum Team (shout out to their interns Abigail, Tom and Eddie for serving too).

Alpha has incredible tools for engaging people with faith, life and meaning.

Alpha has recently launched two brand new film series exploring the Christian Faith, The Alpha Film Series for Adults and the Alpha Youth Series for teenagers.

These resources need to be seen for yourself, so check out their website


Christ IN youth

Jasper Rutherford is the head of CIY in Europe. They have just produced 'Unseen'. 

Unseen is a short film narrative about the relationship of a 17-year-old boy with his Grandfather who discovers him trying to take his own life by suicide. It later unfolds that the Grandfathers wife, the boy’s Grandmother, had also died by suicide 17 years earlier, however, no one ever talks about it. Hence the boy and his Grandfather’s mental health has gone Unseen.


youth for christ ireland

Simon Marriot from YFC serves on the Momentum Team. YFC are a dynamic youth organisation and committed to carrying the love and light of Christ to every young person in Ireland. 

They have become well know for their engagement with young people through their sports ministry. They use what's know as the Nomad Soccer Cage, has to be seen to be believed!

They also have great resources for use in youth groups and clubs called 'rock solid', 'mettle' and 'lumen'.


Scripture union ireland

Jim, Emma, Claire, Eric, Gareth and Jonny are all from SU and serve on the Momentum Team. Working with churches, parishes and schools the SU team create opportunities for children and young people to have an encounter with the person of Jesus Christ and grow in that faith, through engagement with the Scriptures, so that they may serve their community and influence their world.

SU are well know for their Christian Adventure Centre (where Momentum is held), called Ovoca Manor.

They Specialise in Camps and Family activities, School Retreats and Adventure Retreats, Primary aged Programmes and they recently launched a film series called NUA, tackling the tough questions of faith.

They are also in the development of a new children's film series called 'Dynamite' that will be ideal for confirmation.